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Greetings....! I really appreciate you visiting M & M Social Development Agency (MMSDA) site. I welcome you and hope that you will find value out of your search. My name is Dorcus Molomo and I am a Counsellor and Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people master the art of living and loving,  growing together and overcoming the challenges of life  especially in relationships and marriage.

My personal life experience in marriage and many years of practicing as a Professional Social Worker, form part of the foundation upon which I provide Coaching and Counselling services. I am married, blessed with two children and together we live in the City of Polokwane, Limpopo Province of South Africa.

What makes me different from my fellow counterparts in this work is that I incorporate biblical principles in my interventions and I find that it helps strengthen and sustain relationships while bringing personal edification at the same time.

It is also worth mentioning that in our 28 years of marriage my husband and I had our fair share of problems which ultimately led to divorce. We were hardly five years married when things started to fall apart to a point that we could not hold it together anymore. After a painful divorce I started a new life as a single parent,  something I never expected and  was unprepared for it.

I know that it sounds disappointing to think that a "supposed expert" in social relations would fail to save her own marriage. Yes! you are correct to think that way; I also felt embarrassed by the whole situation. However, there was a lot I needed to learn and to master about myself first, other people and life in general.

It took me seven (7) years of being separated and divorced from my husband to build a new relationship with myself, living and loving my life as a single woman again. During this period I also discovered my spirituality when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. 

The number 7 represents the number of completion. So, I have accomplished a lot in terms of personal growth during that time to reposition and prepare me for the second phase of my marriage.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that seven years after our divorce, my ex-husband and I reconciled. We confronted the issues that brought us pain and separation, thus bringing us to a point of forgiving ourselves and one another. 

 We started a new chapter, picking up the broken pieces of our lives and hitting the road again towards 'Happily Ever After'. We have not arrived at our destination yet, but it is a journey we are enjoying every day.

Of course we re-evaluated the principles upon which we would conduct our marriage the second time around considering the saying that goes " Foolishness is doing the same things again but yet expecting different results". It was not an overnight success. 

We worked on our relationship and we are still working on it. We have been back together sixteen (16) years now and it is better now than before. Our marriage is like mature wine.


The interesting part of our story is this........ We discovered to our greatest surprise that the Department of Home Affairs for some unknown reasons did not nullify / cancel our initial marriage contract. We only found this out on the day we were supposed to get married for the second time.

 For seven years we unknowingly carried our Decrees of Divorce issued by the Supreme Court of South Africa  with pride, while our marriage contract was still valid. Was this a sheer coincidence, or the invisible hand of God played a role here? I will leave that to your imagination.

 The lesson I learnt from all this is that  "It is not over until God says so".

                                                                                                          MY VISION

I live a fruitful and purposeful life while caring for myself, family and significant others. I actively and decisively  use my  talents and professional expertise to add value in other people's lives so that the world can become a better place. As I explore the beauty of life, I overcome limiting thoughts and achieve anything I set my mind on. 

I honor the Lord, depend and trust in Him to become the best He has created me to be.  I use the pain endured in my life as a stepping stone towards achieving greater success. My scars are my pride and I turn them into stars. 

                                                                                                          MY BURDEN

In my former capacity as an Unhappy married woman, a Divorcee and a Single parent I have a burden to hold someone's hand who is going through any of these stages to help them emerge victorious. And in my present capacity as a happy married woman I am here to give hope, celebrate and share the joy of being in a fruitful marriage.

  I am Reaching Out To.....

  • Women in troubled marriages seeking solutions to their problems.
  • Women who are recovering from broken marriages or relationships and are picking up the pieces of their lives.
  • Single women who are planning to get married.
  • Women in healthy marriages seeking to preserve and excel in  their marriages.
  • Widowers who are struggling with grief over the loss of their beloved.


At MMSDA we believe that everyone has an inner voice of counsel which needs to be empowered in order to make the right decisions in life. Through our integrated counselling services we help restore relationships, build functionality and ensure that relationships are fit for purpose. https://www.facebook.com/105829544363068/posts/175653210714034/

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We facilitate Individual, Group and Business Coaching and we do this through partnerships with other professionals to deliver value to our clients. We have helped many to discover their potential and reach their dream goals. Through "My Personal Coach" we offer motivation and hold somebody's hand to pull them out of a pit of hopelessness, shame and discouragement. We believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. We help people rebuild the walls of their fallen marriages, teaching them how to pick up the broken pieces and build anew. On this platform we jointly learn how to turn our scars into stars and to laugh about our experiences. https://www.facebook.com/105829544363068/posts/178952590384096/

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We help establish social systems that enable communities to function effectively and sustainably. This requires an in-depth understanding of existing community structures, practices and beliefs that shapes the culture of every community. Our social research and profiling teams help make all these possible.

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